The new Diabla

It’s been more than a year since Energinmotion was in Paris performing the short piece Doña Diabla during the second edition of MIMESIS at the IVT (International Visual Theatre). The great news is that in October 2013 we have re-started our research, and since then we have been looking at ways of working on a new full-length version for 2014.  Much has happened in this year and somehow this work can not ignore such events: the world-wide efforts to free the Pussy Riot band members (which still continues); in Brazil, Marco Feliciano from the party PSC (Social Christian Party) proposes to the Congress a law that would link women to their sexual abusers to the rest of their lives (thankfully there are still people with brains and that was not approved); also in Brazil the day after pill is legalised days after the Pope visits the country, and so is the abortion through a law that has a quite flexible frame (thank you Dilma); same-sex marriage has been approved in France, Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand, some North American states, and England & Wales; Germany now offers a third gender option in birth certificates; more news emerge from women still being imprisoned around the world and living as sex slaves, captors being arrested and victims speaking out loud, such as those from the Ariel Castro case; in England a transsexual police officer seeks compensation in court for being harassed by colleagues and aims to highlight the way transgender people are treated. We have also seen more and more people protesting against inequality in social network sites. A few years ago one would think that would be shouting at nobody. Today, more and more people are joining in. We have seen walls filled out with petitions to be signed and texts expressing discontent with the current order of the world. Hopefully our piece will be able to tackle a few of those subjects and somehow engage our audience into further discussion. We will keep you posted.

HAPPY 2013!!!!!!

Energinmotion welcomes 2013 with a video from the last edition of MIMESIS, which took place in Paris in November 2012. If you missed the live performances, you can at least see short clips from all companies involved. We have plans for developing our Doña Diabla, as well as other projects in this new exciting year so please watch this space. For now, we would like to wish you all a wonderful year full of new adventures!

The first half of 2012 and a TEASER!

Energinmotion is now packing for summer holidays but we will be back on track in late August for new adventures and great new projects. The past 6 months have been intense and now it’s the time to evaluate the work to keep moving forward. 

Firstly, a new piece (Maria-Olga) was created for the I MIMESIS, a platform for new work in mime, physical theatre and the many arts that make use of movement and physical expression. And we will be back to the second edition of the event in November. For more details, please find MIMESIS on Facebook:

Secondly, the first half of the 2012 marks the opening of our feature show WHERE THE NIGHTS ARE BLUE AND ELECTRIC, performed twice at the Resistance Gallery in London. We would like to thank everyone involved in this production and also all of those who helped us to make this happen. The list is long, and always open to additions: Garry Vanderhorne, Izaskun Gonzalez, Andres Velasquez & the Pleasance Theatre, Pablo Baz & the Oval House Theatre, Aaron Lamont, Siobhan Bradshaw, Alberto Blanco, Lorea Hernandez, White Roses, Ni Ni, Maria Rita Salvi, Rosa Postlethwaite, Simon McCabe, Billy Walsh, Marian Mlynarczyk, Mentxu Amigo, Ilana Gorban, Thais Mennsitieri, Daiana Matias, Warwick Hewson, Telea Juna, Natasha Lohan, Mari Frogner, Rachel Delisser and Sam Gold. 

Thirdly, pictures of our show were displayed on billboard in the US. Nights were blue and electric far away from home. Thank you Siobhan Bradshaw for making this happen. Follow the link to check the photos out:

Finally, we’ll leave you with the beautiful teaser from WHERE THE NIGHTS ARE BLUE AND ELECTRIC. Filmed by Marian Mlynarczyk and edited by, you may watch it here: 

Where the Nights are Blue and Electric from Nicole Pschetz on Vimeo.

Have a great summer!

Energinmotion on display

Thanks to our fantastic photographer Siobhan Bradshaw the nights are also blue and electric around a billboard in the USA.

Check more about this amazing project on their website:

AND follow this link to see the photos from our show ‘WHERE THE NIGHTS ARE BLUE AND ELECTRIC’:

‘WHERE THE NIGHTS ARE BLUE AND ELECTRIC’ returns to the Resistance Gallery


– A place where perhaps love is no longer what you thought.
*Age restriction: 18+

5th and 6th July 2012 (TWO DATES ONLY!!!!)

265 Poyser Street
Bethnal Green
London E2 9RF

MAP with directions:

Advance booking £10/ £8 (concessions)

On the door £12/ £10 (concessions)

Join Energinmotion on their journey to define what love is…

In El Paraiso Bar, a place in the middle of the Mexican desert where the nights are blue and electric, a man and a woman perform a cabaret show for the local (and very small) population. Away from the stage the woman dreams about a man she has never met, and the man hides his loneliness from the world. One day a stranger comes in and brings with him the possibility of changing their lives. Idealised love, jealousy and desire, are just a few of the themes in this show that searches for an answer to the question: how can we define love?

Co-created and Co-directed by Nicole Pschetz and Antonio Blanco
Assistant Director: Maria Rita Salvi
Performed by: Antonio Blanco, John Andrew Cunnington and Nicole Pschetz
Design: Ni Ni
Lighting Design: Andres Velasquez
Live Music: White Roses
Graphic Design: Alberto Blanco
Assistant Producer and Stage Manager: Lorea Hernandez
Produced by: Energinmotion
Supported by: Resistance Gallery

Photos by © Siobhan Bradshaw

Let’s talk about LOVE – again!!!

Energinmotion is currently preparing a second round of performances at the Resistance Gallery. ‘WHERE THE NIGHTS ARE BLUE AND ELECTRIC’ will be at the venue for two nights only: 5th and 6th July. We are currently working on a promotional video and also starting to make new adjustments to the piece. For now, we leave you with some photos from the previous performances at the Gallery in April this year. Check out the beautiful lighting design by Andres Velasquez, one of our greatest collaborators. Andres is also a mime artist, trained at the International School of Corporeal Mime where he is now a teaching assistant and a member of the Theatre de L’Ange Fou. He jumped into the technical world by chance 5 years ago and since has worked as a technician for numerous productions and events both in London and the Edinburgh Fringe. As a lighting designer credits include Like a Movie (Pleasance Theatre, Shelford Place), Kram  (Siobhan Davies Studios), Moon River (Pleasance Theatre), and he’s being associate designer for Alice (Courtyard Theatre), Mr Sir (Pleasance Theatre), The Trial of Mr Punch (Hoxton Hall), and Invisible Ensemble (Pleasance Theatre). 

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* Photos by Siobhan Bradshaw © 2012